IOI 2023 Day 2 Unofficial Mirror

This is an unoffical mirror of IOI 2023 Day 2.

Rules Summary

  • Statement Language: Currently only English, but will upload all languages supported in IOI soon
  • Programming language: C++17 (GCC 10)
  • Duration: 5 hours whenever you want
  • Scoring rule: Use the sum over each subtask of the best result for that subtask across all submissions (IOI 2017-)
  • You can submit at most 50 submissions for each task.
  • You can submit at most one submission in a minute.
  • You are not allowed to ask questions because we are not the authors
  • Scoreboard is not available during the contest window (though we didn't decide when to end this mirror), maybe we will publish them after the contest is over.

How to participate?

Click the 'Register' tab to register.

After registering, you should click "Go to contest page" tab above, and log in with the accounts in "My account".

Sorry for the complicated process, it was created for contests for teams.