2019 FunctionCup Practice Contest

2019 FunctionCup Practice Contest

IMPORTANT: Practice contest is COMPLETELY NOT RELATED with the actual contest. If you register in the actual contest, please register there first.

Rules Summary

  • Statement Language: English, Korean
  • Programming language: C++17 (GCC 7.3)
  • Number of tasks: 4
  • Scoring system: Subtasks for each task, ties broken with time penalty (Atcoder format with no penalty for wrong submissions)
  • Scoreboard: Public, not frozen during the whole contest. Link
  • Time: August 31st 19:00 (KST) - September 1st 12:55 (KST)
  • How to register?: check here


There are 4 tasks. Among them, 3 tasks are IOI-style, which means we provide a library, and you have to write a function, just like in recent IOIs. Another 1 task is Output-only, which means you have to write a whole text file(s).


We will provide English and Korean statements.

You are only allowed to use C++17.


(This part is copied from the official IOI rules)

Each task will be divided into several subtasks, each worth a portion of the total points.

The scores will be calculated as follows:

  • For each submission, the score for each test case is calculated according to your program or output.
  • For each submission, the score for each subtask is the minimum of the scores for the test cases in the subtask.
  • The final score for each subtask is the maximum of the scores for this subtask across all submissions.
  • The final score for each task is the sum of the scores for its subtasks. This sum is rounded to the nearest 2 decimal places.

For example, consider a contestant who made two submissions on a task that contains two subtasks. If the first submitted solution got 30 points for the first subtask and 10 points for the second subtask, and the second solution got 0 points for the first subtask and 40 points for the second subtask, then the final score for this task will be 70.


(This part is almost copied from the official IOI 2019 rules, note that there are some differences)

Contestants must submit their solutions for tasks by using the grading system. To avoid overloading the grading system, there are two restrictions on the number of submissions:

  • Contestants may submit a solution to each task at most once per minute. Even in the last 15 minutes.
  • There is no limit on the number of total submissions.


Team X gets a higher rank than Team Y if and only if one of the conditions below holds:

  • The score of team X is larger than the score of team Y.
  • Both teams got the same score, and team X achieved that score faster than team Y.

Note that the number of submissions doesn't matter.


There will be a live scoreboard. We will announce the URL of the scoreboard at the beginning of the contest.

We will not freeze the scoreboard. At the last moment of the contest, you could predict who would get the prizes.


Unlike the official contest, each team should consist of exactly one member (you).

Click the 'Register' tab to register. Read here to know how to register in teams.